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BiSjU Jewellery

Exclusively at Etos


Finally! A beautiful new jewellery line called BiSjU Jewellery is now exclusively available at Etos. The BiSjU Jewellery collection enables the effortless combination of different styles and colours of jewels. Opt for a classic look, or instead choose a trendy mix of various bracelets. How about an elegant necklace, combined with some sturdy earrings? Or an actual earparty with several smaller earrings. Gold, silver, or both – you can put together a different BiSjU-outfit every day. Or opt for the same bijoux for a while, of course.


BiSjU Jewellery provides you with the perfect little present for a friend, your daughter or your mother. A small gift to surprise her with – a personal bracelet or a pendant. The gorgeous BiSjU-box, which holds the jewellery, provides the finishing touch.


Made of stainless steel, the colours of the BiSjU jewels won’t fade, so you will be able to wear them for a long time. You don’t need to take them off when you take a shower or go for a swim!