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Soufiane Touzani

Touzani is on a mission



Soufiane Touzani is on a mission: he wants to get as many children as possible to go outside and play ball games. That’s why he stars in Coop’s latest campaign.

You know Touzani, of course. A freestyle soccer player, he is the king of the Panna cage and known worldwide for his unique Touzani-around-the-world-move.

Do you want to become as great a soccer player as he is? Then shop at Coop, because up until Sunday 4 July, you can save stamps for exclusive Soufiane Touzani footballs. Take it outside and practise your moves to become just like him!

With a full card, you pay a mere € 2.99 for a football or € 1.99 for a beach ball. So get that ball, go out and go for it!

Stamp saving is quick: a full card requires just 15 stamps. You’ll receive 1 soccer stamp for every € 5.- you spend at Coop.