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Studio Daisy

Exclusively available at DA drugstores


Studio Daisy is a new jewelery and hair accessories brand. A distinctive, high-quality and diverse range, from simple to pronounced, from metal to precious stones, colorful, stones, beads and shells, a wide range that suits all target groups, from young to old with a diverse range per age and target group!

The Studio Daisy range consists of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories. The jewelry is made of stainless steel / gold plated and therefore guarantees years of wearing pleasure and is anti-allergenic. The hair accessories are made of acetate and mulberry silk, a strong biodegradable material that is gentle on your hair. Studio Daisy is the ideal pampering gift for yourself or for your girlfriend, daughter or mother.

Studio Daisy’s hair accessories are made of durable and quality material. The hair clips made of cellulose acetate, are made of a natural material consisting of cotton and wood pulp. This makes the hair clips sustainable and even biodegradable!

The hair clips are comfortable and soft for your hair and suitable for all hair types. The scrunchies are made of mulberry silk, the world’s strongest natural silk fiber, so you will enjoy this product for an extra long time. Also, the fibers are nicely rounded, finer and smoother so they won’t damage your hair.

Exclusively available at DA drugstores.